Black Sesame Seeds from the plant Sesamum Indicum L. Suited for human consumption. Grover Sons offer highly cleaned natural black sesame seeds.

Natural black sesame seeds are mainly used for medicinal purpose & flavourings on various bakery products & Indian cuisines.

Small, flat and dark in color, these are grown only in limited parts of the world.

The Japanese name for black sesame seed is Kura Goma. It carries medicinal properties and it is therefore advisable to take them raw or roasted or its oil to cure some of human diseases. The natural black sesame seeds which we offer are carefully cleaned. Black Sesame seeds are good source of calcium as they contain heavy amounts of protein, manganese, iron, copper and phosphorous. Black Sesame Seeds have been a part of the kitchen for thousands of years. Sesame seeds are believed to be one of the worlds’ first spices. The black sesame seed may be small, but it is a powerful food which the Chinese have learnt to use for many health-promoting and anti-aging benefits.Black Sesame seeds are rich in Calcium and Zinc.Black sesame seeds can keep your bones strong and help you ward off osteoporosis. The sesame seeds also provide the body with vitamin E, which is needed for healthy skin. These health benefits of the black sesame can keep you strong,beautiful, even as you grow old.

  • Latin name: Sesamum Indicum L
  • Black Sesame Seeds are similar to the more common white sesame seeds.
  • Black Sesame Seeds are not hulled.
  • Black sesame seeds are more flavorful than hulled sesame seeds.
  • Black Sesame Seeds  are 40% to 60 % oil.
  • Black Sesame Seeds  are high in protein.
  • Black Sesame Seeds add an attractive accent to food.
  • Black sesame seeds are suitable to use with bakery products mainly bread sticks, candies, cookies, vegetables, pasta and curry dishes etc.
  • Black sesame seeds are has also wonderful medicinal benefits and good for your overall health.
  • Black sesame seeds are nutrients rich and good source of concentrated calories. They are also taken as a preferable source of proteins
  • Black sesame seeds had strong aroma and very good flavor. At the same time, it is rich in fatty acids also.
  • Black sesame seeds are rich in minerals and preferable dietary fiber item.
  • The oil prepared using sesame seeds has a distinctive flavor and long shelf life and resists rancidity.

Our Black Sesame Seeds Specifications

Odour The odour and taste are typical, product specific. The product shall be free from foreign odours and taste such as mustiness or rancidity.
Colour Black to Jet black
Country of Origin India
Packaging 12.5 kg, 25 kg, 50 lbs paper/poly bags, 1000 kg Jumbo Bags.
Labelling As per buyer’s requirement
Shelf Life 1 year from production date.
GMO Status Not genetically modified.
Storage condition Cool and dry (<20C)
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Tons
Product Properties Feature Result QC Frequency
Colour Black to jet black Visual check
Texture Seed shaped
Purity 99% to 99.95%
Microbiology Salmonela Absent in 25 gram Micro planning
Free Fatty Acids
Average Nutritional Value Protein 20-24% w/w
Total fat 55-60% w/w
Carbohydrates 9-25% w/w
Fiber 4-6% w/w
Ash 3-5%
Moisture Max. 6%

*The above specifications to be considered as guidelines only

*Indian Certificate of analysis final

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