Grover Sons is manufacturer and exporter of Toasted Hulled Sesame Seeds.Grover Sons’s Toasted Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seed is a delicately processed seed which has been removed of the husk using a purely mechanical process in which no chemicals are used.

After the seed has been removed of it’s husk (hulled) it is gently roasted to further increase it’s nutty flavor. toasted sesame seed supplier India

During toasting of the seed the moisture is removed which preserves sesame seeds for longer period of time. Mechanically Hulled Sesame seed is ideal for bakery, confectionery products, salad dressings and garnishes. The hulled sesame seeds produced by us are uniformly bold in size and whiter in colour, which remains whiter even after baking and stick to breads very well.Roasted Hulled Sesame Seeds are used to sprinkle over ice cream, cakes, bakery preparations etc

Minimum Order Quantity 5 Tons
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